Cherry Marie Victoria

Spec & Ratios

Over some 500 years almost every conceivable type of spinning wheel has been produced, but Watson Wheels are not reproductions of one particular antique design. lnstead, five of the more popular types have been re-engineered to achieve high performance standards while retaining traditional appearance.

They are all hand crafted from high quality materials and signed, dated and numbered.


  • A Norwegian-type horizontal bed model with 24″ or 26″ wheel.
  • 37″ x 16″ x 39″ high.
  • Orifice height 27″.


  • A double treadle version of “Elly” but with a longer table.


  • A production model with a heavy 30″ wheel and double treadle. lt is similar to “Kirsten” but the table has a slot to accommodate the larger wheel.
  • 41″ X 17″ x 42″ high.
  • Orifice height 27″.


  • A production model with two 13″ wheels and a double treadle. Although compact, it is as fast as one 34″ wheel.
  • 24″ x 16″ x 29″ high.
  • Orifice height 25″


  • A 48″ walking wheel with a Miner type two speed spindle, The actual wheel can be taken apart for shipment.
  • 72″ x17″ x 62″ high.


  • A decorated version of the three Norwegian-style wheels. lt has finials between the spokes, more ornate turnings and carved scallops around the wheel and tables.

. . . .

A 3/8″ orifice is standard. Other sizes to order. All wheels except “Elizabeth” have a double drive and are also set up for scotch tension with either flyer or bobbin lead. Bobbins are 4″ x 4″ and interchangeable on all models, will hold 6 or 7 oz. of wool and have a drive pulley on each end. The whorls each have two pulley sizes. A very wide range of wheel/flyer ratios and wrist ratios is available for the discriminating spinner.

The wheels and bobbins run on bronze bearings, Belt tension is obtained by simply rotating the mother-of-all in a friction clamp. This provided a very rigid mount yet permits a wide range of adjustment for different whorl sizes without changing the drive belt.

The wheel columns are braced to the sub-table. This provides accurate alignment and rigidity which combined with the inertia of a heavy wheel rim, ensures very smooth and consistent spinning.

Standard equipment includes four bobbins, two different whorls and a threading hook- Optional equipment includes Jumbo flyerwith 6″ bobbins, free-standing distaff, three and four bobbin Lazy Kates.

Also, hand spindle and niddy noddies.

Materials are solid Cherry and Walnut wood, finished with hand-rubbed oil. Other woods by request.

Watson Wheels are made to satisfy the requirements of the experienced spinner, yet are also suited to the beginner. As each is individually made, custom features or special materials can be supplied.

The objective is complete customer satisfaction in owning a Watson spinning wheel. It must be a pleasure to use for a very long time and can be proudly displayed as a piece of fine furniture in your home.

Drive Ratio Chart for Spinning Wheels

Martha Wheel Chart Revised

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